Saturday, October 24, 2009


Does America still have heroes? That question depends on what your opinion about what a hero is. A hero is a person who is a positive influence on other people and someone who is always there when someone needs them the most. Heroes still exist in America.
My grandmother is my hero in my life. My grandmother has been threw so much people can hardly imagine. She will always tell you the truth about anything. She had been there for me when ever I have needed her. My grandmother is very independent and can still take care of herself even at the age of seventy-six. She has manage to quit smoking after a forty year addiction and that makes me believe that anyone can overcome any difficult challenges in their life. She encourages me at everything that I do. When ever I have a problem I know she will always be there to listen.
Heroes are sometimes mistaken by super heroes, athletes, music artists, or people who are wealthy but that is not the true definition of a hero. A hero is someone people can look up to as good role models. Heroes are not all about what they look like or how much material values they have or how good they are at something, it matters what kind of person they are. My grandmother will forever be my hero.